Austral Bricks releases range inspired by Australian coast

The Stratos Series by Austral Bricks is a vibrant new brick collection.

Available in six colourways, the range emphasizes natural refinement and a nuanced depiction of the Australian coastal experience. Misty rainfall, expansive skies, moody storms and sparkling ocean reflections are echoed through marbling and subtle colour gradients.

Brett Ward, general manager of international marketing at Brickworks says, “The Stratos Series embodies the tumultuous and fleeting nature of the Australian coastline through its depth of tone and silvery finish. With an intrinsic ability to fuse with surrounding natural environments, this range is sure to luxuriously transform your space.”

The Morning Mist, Dark Cumulus, Light Cirrus and Cloudy Sunset shades fuse cool-toned greys with warm chestnut browns for a multifaceted finish. Blending warm and cool tones within the one brick encourages styling flexibility, and the subtle diagonal gradient introduces contrasting colour as a decorative element.

The Winter Frost and Coastal Storm colourways emphasize a moody depth, focusing on the light and dark elements of natural grey. The frosted tones create a sophisticated, contemporary ambience reflective of a foamy ocean surface.

The bricks work well as feature walls, highlights or large planes and help create engaging colour contrasts that will endure well beyond any fashion trends.


Source: Architecture - architectureau

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