Arts Council England aims to foster culture in every ‘village, town and city’

Chief executive wants to bring art ‘to people’s doorsteps’, but critics say strategy is vague

England’s arts chiefs have said they want to create a nation that has better access to culture in every “village, town and city” by 2030, where creativity in each individual is valued and “given the chance to flourish”.

Arts Council England (ACE) will publish a 10-year strategy on Monday called Let’s Create, produced after 18 months’ work including numerous workshops, consultations and public conversations involving more than 6,000 people.

Persistent and widespread lack of diversity across the creative industries and in publicly funded cultural organisations.

Difference in understanding of the terms “arts” and “culture” across the country, with many seeing the “arts” as only the high arts.

Big differences in cultural engagement, geographically and socioeconomically.

Unequal opportunities for children outside school across the country.

The often fragile business models of publicly funded cultural organisations.

A retreat from innovation, risk-taking and sustained talent development.

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