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    2020 Edition of Rouen Impressionnee in France

    After the success of the 2016 edition, the 2020 edition of Rouen Impressionnee gathered 23 international artists, expanding successfully its open-air mural art exhibition in the streets of Rouen despite all the issues of this challenging year.

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    A total of 20 new murals have joined the existing murals created in 2016 by international artists like SatOne, Sainer, Velvet & Zoer. Curator Olivier Landes and his team focussed on the contextualization of the works, in connection with the landscape, architecture and urban history.
    In parallel to the monumental artworks, a series of events are also scheduled until end of November, including artistic interventions, graffiti jam, talks and conferences and workshops, as well as a comprehensive retrospective exhibition retracing 35 years of Street Art in Rouen.
    Featured artists include:Citémômes • Claude Blo Ricci • Elian Chali • Fabrice Houdry • Fred Calmets • Herman Kolitz • Jan Vormann • Jean Faucheur • LKSIR • Lison de Ridder • Liz Ponio • Luca Arbocco • Manolo Mesa • Nadège Dauvergne • Nelio • Nubian • OX • Olivia Paroldi • Patrice Marchand • Ratur • Roberto Ciredz • Roid • Savati • Smad
    Using a wide variety of techniques, from collage, engraving to knitting, the artistic works are intrinsically linked to the neighbourhoods and architecture. While being sensitive to architectural details, textures and volumes, the artists also involved local residents and communities.


    German artist Jan Vormann used Lego plastic construction pieces to repair and fill holes in the broken walls on an historical gothic building bombarded during WWII.

    Most of the works take the form of murals which vary from trompe-l’œil, pointillism, portraiture, abstraction to anamorphosis or landscape figuration:


    French artist Blo (covered earlier) has designed a composition of vibrant and colourful shapes to highlight the passage under a monumental arch.



    Spanish artist Manolo Mesa has paid tribute to the long tradition of ceramics in the Saint-Sever district, by painting a large scale mural featuring a trompe-l’oeil version of an 18th century jar, currently displayed in the Museum of Ceramics of Rouen.


    The cultural non-profit organisation Citémômes led a yarn bombing project where intergenerations covered the walls and roof of a small house with tiny knitted squares in tribute to Monet.


    Liz Ponio has adorned the facade of the Simone Veil social centre of Rouen with hundreds of painted pebbles as a nod to the pointillist movement.


    French artist Nadege Dauvergne painted an intimate portrait of two figures on the verge of kissing, using touches of sprays paint while the volume is being generated by playing with light and dark colours.

    ‘2006250942’ BY NELIO

    Inspired by Monet’s cathedrals and their diffuse waves, Nelio painted an oniric landscape, mixing abstraction and figuration. To add to mystery the title is “2006250942”.


    Olivia Paroldi produced a large-scale mural on three garage doors using an engraving technique with a sander and dowels. The triptych is inspired by a lockdown experience, whereby the character evolves and frees himself from a constrained universe.


    Using 3D effects and dark volumes, OX creates an impressive optical effect, where the walls appear to be missing. To add to the visual effects, a fine fluorescent orange outline recalls the sprays used on construction sites, as a prelude to upcoming demolition of the house.

    Berlin based artist Roberto Ciredz painted a dazzling trompe l’oeil effect on this façade with a political message. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the artist highlights the issue of global warming with a piece of ice in the process of melting.


    British artist Roid developed a monumental work playing with geometric shapes and the urban environment like the tram lines. The result is full of energy and interacts with the buzzing atmosphere of the place.


    Elian Chali has created an anamorphosis by placing two red and blue spheres on three houses that seem to unite. Viewed from a specific point, the shapes are composed to perfection, while from other points of view they deconstruct and transform into large abstract zones of primary colours.



    More info on the artworks and scheduled events on More

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    Roland Henry is an international writer, curator and contemporary urban art specialist. Previously the Managing Editor of the independent arts magazine, Very Nearly Almost (VNA), he has developed close, personal relationships with artists, gallerists, and creatives worldwide and currently provides content for The Guardian US as well as numerous other publications.Roland is now based in Melbourne, Australia, where he heads up art agency, Studio Supply, in partnership with the former creative director of VNA, Greg Beer. The agency supplies curatorial and PR consultation services to a worldwide network of brands, artists, and creative professionals. More

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    Interactive Neon Mural #10 by Spidertag in Lyon, France


    Daisuke grew up in Japan. At the age of 18 he moved to Canada and got interested in underground art influenced by his friend who is a graffiti artist. After his return, he is/was a member of StreetArtNewsJapan. In order to promote street art culture, he interviewed various artists such as Stik, AIKO, Dolk, TwoOne, and Roamcouch for the website. More

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    Nafir “Emptiness Of You” Limited Edition Artworks – Available Now

    Iranian artist Nafir have collaborated with StreetArtNews for this series of limited edition artworks entitled “Emptiness Of You”. It comes in 4 different editions and a unique one. The artworks will be priced at 590$ and are available now on StreetArtNews store.

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    Edition 1 – 60 X 70 cm

    “Emptiness Of You” Editions are stencil portraits over parts of traditional handmade Persian carpet from Kashan. The map of the carpet was  originally from Kashan City. Most Iranian Kashans follow a medallion-and-corner pattern. Kashan stands for the highest standards and traditional production of the finest craftsmanship, and are mostly knotted from very good wool.
    Visit our shop at StreetArtNews Store

    Edition 2 – 50.5 x 73 cm

    Edition 3
 – 60.5 x 71 cm

    Edition 4
 – 61 x 76 cm

 – 50 x 75 cm More

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    Marina Zumi “Sara’s Resonance” Print Release – October 23rd

    Argentinian native and Berlin based artist Marina Zumi will be releasing a new print edition entitled “Sara’s Resonance”. The print will be launched this Friday, 12:00pm local time Berlin, Germany.

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    “Sara’s Resonance” giclee print comes in an edition of 33 and measures 19,68 x 19,68 in. It will be priced at €111 VAT (if required) + shipment.
    To puchase, send a direct message to @marinazumi on Instagram or email to [email protected]

    Marina believes in natural wisdom, interconnectivity and the power of colour. Her favorite places are the streets and big walls, which she is re-visiting and transforming into colourful paintings. Through depictions of geometry and symmetry – the recognizable method of her creations – Marina emphasizes the importance of an equilibrium.
    Her works are placed in moments of absence of light, just after the twilight, where the real magic happens. The results are canvases, murals and installations bursting with energy and colour, illuminated landscapes geometrically shaped to the surreal world of ideas. More

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    13th Edition of DesOrdes Creativas in Spain

    DesOrdes Creativas is an international urban art festival celebrated annually in Ordes, A Coruña, Spain. Each year the festival brings in Ordes to a selection of the best street artists of the Gallician scene, Spanish and international. The festival acts as a tool for urban regeneration and social dialogue. It contributes to urban regeneration by turning old buildings into new and colourful spaces for everybody’s enjoyment. In this year’s festival, Cinta Vidal, Manolo Mesa, Reskate, Møu and Maz participated.

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    Check out below for more photos of the walls in this year’s DesOrdes Creativas.

    Mural by Cinta Vidal, DesOrdes Creativas 2020

    Mural by Maz, DesOrdes Creativas 2020

    “Somos Semilla” by Reskate, DesOrdes Creativas 2020

    Mural by MØU, DesOrdes Creativas 2020

    Mural by Manolo Mesa, DesOrdes Creativas 2020 More

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    Discovering Banksy – Part 2

    Street artist Bansky has been surprising the world since the 90’s. From then on Banksy’s silkscreen prints and stencil paintings were racking up record-breaking sales in storied art auctions such as Sotheby’s and Bonham’s of London. These successful sales marked Banksy’s entry into the commercial art world. For the second part of our series “Discovering Banksy”, we are sharing his “little-known” paintings and prints mostly dating in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

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    Scroll down below to view the interesting selection.

    Riot Painting from Glasgow, United Kingdom, 1997

    Riot Painting features Banksy’s arguably most famous piece the “Flower Thrower”. At first glance it looks like a rioter about to throw a Molotov Cocktail. However this “rioter” is throwing a bouquet of flowers instead.

    Police Car Print

    Painting on Canvas from Easton, Bristol in 1999

    Chicken & Egg Painting on Steel

    Early painting of Banksy sold for £10.00 in 1998

    Early painting of Banksy sold for £10.00 in 1998 (back of canvas)

    “Keep it Real” Painting on Canvas, 2006

    Painting from 1999

    Rubber Ducky, Painting on Canvas, 2006

    Clown on Skate Deck, 2000

    Avon and Somerset Constabulary, sold for £96,000 in 2000

    “Land in Poop” early print

    Bomb Hugger Print, 2002

    “Sid Vicious” Canvas Print sold for £82,000 in Bristol, UK, 2007

    “Armored Dove” in Bethlehem, 2007

    “Barcode Leopard” Print, 2004 More

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    “Airhead” by SHOK-1 IN Hackney, United Kingdom

    Bristish artist SHOK-1 just worked on a new mural in collaboration with London Mural Festival. The said mural is located in Hackney, United Kingdom. It features SHOK-1’s unique spraypaint X-ray style.

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    A cool blend of street and science, SHOK-1’s artworks have tremendous resonance with a wide range of demographics: from fans of pop culture, contemporary and street arts, to surgeons, radiologists and scientists. Darkly beautiful and packed with subtle layers of intricate detail, X-rays are one of the most difficult subject matters a painter could attempt. SHOK-1 has pioneered cutting-edge freehand techniques using no tape or stencils to render his X-ray style.
    Check out below for more images of “Airhead” More