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    Oli Epp “Quarantine” Limited Edition Print Release

    Contemporary artist Oli Epp just released his latest limited edition screen print entitled “Quarantine”. The print measures 90 x 100 cm (image size); 120 x 130 cm (paper size) and comes in an edition of 50 + 5 APs. It is a 27 colour screen print on Somerset satin tub sized 410gsm paper.

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    “Quarantine” is the largest artwork-size screen print Oli Epp have done to date and the most complex with over 27 individual layers!

    “I made this painting at the beginning of lockdown, when images were circulating of people wearing bottles on their heads and other makeshift masks, and even full bodysuits. There was an eccentric sense of hysteria in the air and I wanted to picture that. As the image is remade today for this print, that madness has already settled into the mundane, so it captures a very particular moment. That’s one of the reasons it’s the only painting that I own” said the artist.

    Oli Epp is an artist based in London. Deformed, quirky and exuberant figures inhabit his artworks, often staged within theatrical settings. Easy to read at first glance, these hyper-dramatised characters reflect upon our complex relationship to technology and social media.
    To register your interest please email [email protected] More

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    “Shadow” by Fintan Magee in Newcastle, Australia

    International street artist Fintan Magee just worked on a new piece in Newcastle, Australia for Big Picture Festival. The mural is entitled “Shadow” and is painted alongside a statue of Australia’s first female mayor faces Civic park and the old civic train station in central Newcastle.

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    “Shadow” explores the role of de-industrialisation, isolation, renewal and the new work force in post-industrial Australian cities.

    Fintan Magee is a prominent Australian muralist and painter who is best known for his realistic large-scale murals. The artist uses his platform as a renowned muralist and studio artist to raise awareness around looming society issues like climate change and forced human migration.
    Scroll down below for more images of the stunning mural.

    Photo credit – Wilt Living @wiltliving More

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    Mural by Astro in Linköping, Sweden

    French street artist Astro just finished his first mural in Linköping, a city in southern Sweden. This mural was done in collaboration with Artscape Festival.

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    Astro created his first graffiti art in 2000 in the northern suburb of Paris. Focusing on lettering and Wildstyle at first, this self-taught and passionate artist brings his knowledge and technique towards an abstract art which mixes curves, calligraphy and dynamic shapes.

    Inspired by artists such as Hartung, Vasarely and Mucha, Astro has created his own world by exploiting the subtlety of shadows and lights, the strength of colours, and the perspective of depths.
    At ease with large formats, through walls on which he inscribed his art in the heart of the city, this muralist also likes working in a studio. Thanks to the spontaneous and impulsive imprint which characterizes him, Astro deceives the viewer’s eye by distorting the flatness of facades and paintings, creating impressive optical illusions. More

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    “UNTOLD” by Biancoshock in Ravenna, Italy

    Italian public artist Biancoshock recently worked on a new wall in Quartiere Darsena, Ravenna in collaboration with Subsidenze Festival 2020. The mural is entiled “UNTOLD” and it features a crossword puzzle.

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    Looking at the crossword puzzle you can see that the black boxes form the word UNTOLD. This word evokes all the untold stories of those who traveled and struggled to get here and live in that popular neighborhood.

    The words in the crossword puzzle belong to 29 different languages and most of them are related to the social inclusion and immigration issues. Two panels fixed to the wall show all the definitions written in the same language as the word to be guessed.

    Biancoshock’s  artistic projects began in 2004 after a previous ten-year experience in the Graffiti world. This background spontaneously led him to live the city as a stage for his artistic actions.
    From the beginning, the artist expresses himself mainly through independent urban installations, different from each other in terms of technique, materials and subjects, but united by the same intent: to offer a starting point for reflection – sometimes ironically, other times provocatively – to the passer-by, trying to emotionally disturb his daily routine.

    The crossword puzzle with definitions is available on the artist’s website, where you can download it and fill it in.
    Check out below for more images of the project. More

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    “Dismantle” by Greg Jager for Bitume in Ragusa, Sicily, Italy

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    Italian artist Greg Jager has just completed his artistic residency for Bitume, the site specific project born from the well-known public art festival FestiWall which, during the last 5 years, has crossed the city of Ragusa (Sicily), triggering a reflection on urban space and the common good.
    Bitume was born mainly as an experience to be lived in person but, above all, with the intention of keeping alive the memory of a story that risks to be forgotten. The story written by the multitude of workers who, inside Antonino Ancione’s factory, extracted and worked the pitch stone with which the roads of Sicily were built during the last century.
    For telling these important pages of Sicilian history,  25 artists among the most relevant exponents in contemporary muralism, were invited to reconfigure, each one according to their own personal reinterpretation, a dialogue between past and present of the industrial system of the twentieth century.
    Greg Jager, following his research which is based on the relationship between man and the environment, and through a path that moves into art, architecture and anthropology, has produced Dismantle: a series of interventions that blend with the impressive industrial archeology of the Ragusa area.

    Greg transforms the industrial site into a sensitive device with infinite solutions: construction site waste, broken glass, bricks and iron pallets are worthless residues but made protagonists within the large research project. The artist exalts the form, traces its full and empty spaces, decontextualizing the architecture, effectively “dismantling” the structure to leave open interpretations of the past and infinite interpretations of possible futures.
    The first work to be born, 5 meters high by 15 wide, gives its name to the entire project and is a vision of the same industrial architecture that is broken down and reassembled through its multiple geometries and a palette born from the in-depth study of the dominant colors “in situ”. A series of diagonals and the play of solids and voids is inspired by the architectural elements present throughout the industrial area and the modification of the surrounding landscape.

    Inside the area there are four mural interventions that make up the Primitive paintings series. Rational signs made in the absence of space and time suggest the innate need of man to control and organize nature through geometry.
    In the same hangar, a structure with the shape of a staircase is the protagonist of 3 ephemeral assemblages: the staircase is an ascensional symbol of profit which is deprived of its real function, symbolizing a system, the capitalist one, which fails because it is contrary to any natural balance.

    As the artist say:

    “Dismantle” is not simply a name that I’ve chosen to underline the charm of decadence, it represents for me an ethical approach to art: the idea of dismantling, deconstructing, stripping is present in all my practice and it’s with this spirit that I related to the majestic industrial archaeological site of the former A. Ancione.
    In my artistic research there are traces of anthropization: urban landscapes, large architectural structures, bridges, quarries, represent alterations of the natural balance that have led man to face enormous catastrophes. An artistic vision that wants to question current economic, social and political models and explore possible futures. All my works relate art and architecture. They are open boxes: anthropological reflections that want to leave the viewer free to be able to interpret them without any restrictions.”

    Check more images below taken by Marcello Bocchieri and stay tuned with us for the freshest news from italian urban art scene. More

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    Roland Henry is an international writer, curator and contemporary urban art specialist. Previously the Managing Editor of the independent arts magazine, Very Nearly Almost (VNA), he has developed close, personal relationships with artists, gallerists, and creatives worldwide and currently provides content for The Guardian US as well as numerous other publications.Roland is now based in Melbourne, Australia, where he heads up art agency, Studio Supply, in partnership with the former creative director of VNA, Greg Beer. The agency supplies curatorial and PR consultation services to a worldwide network of brands, artists, and creative professionals. More

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    Interactive Neon Mural #10 by Spidertag in Lyon, France


    Daisuke grew up in Japan. At the age of 18 he moved to Canada and got interested in underground art influenced by his friend who is a graffiti artist. After his return, he is/was a member of StreetArtNewsJapan. In order to promote street art culture, he interviewed various artists such as Stik, AIKO, Dolk, TwoOne, and Roamcouch for the website. More

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    Nafir “Emptiness Of You” Limited Edition Artworks – Available Now

    Iranian artist Nafir have collaborated with StreetArtNews for this series of limited edition artworks entitled “Emptiness Of You”. It comes in 4 different editions and a unique one. The artworks will be priced at 590$ and are available now on StreetArtNews store.

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    Edition 1 – 60 X 70 cm

    “Emptiness Of You” Editions are stencil portraits over parts of traditional handmade Persian carpet from Kashan. The map of the carpet was  originally from Kashan City. Most Iranian Kashans follow a medallion-and-corner pattern. Kashan stands for the highest standards and traditional production of the finest craftsmanship, and are mostly knotted from very good wool.
    Visit our shop at StreetArtNews Store

    Edition 2 – 50.5 x 73 cm

    Edition 3
 – 60.5 x 71 cm

    Edition 4
 – 61 x 76 cm

 – 50 x 75 cm More