Rugged Rocks Anchor Delicate Glass Coral in Elena Fleury-Rojo’s Sculptures

All images © Elena Fleury-Rojo, shared with permission

Exquisite aquatic specimens sprout from craggy stones in Elena Fleury-Rojo’s Reef Formations sculptures. The British artist interprets the spindly shoots, scalloped-edge growths, and grooved tentacles of coral in clear or green borosilicate glass, which she fastens to rugged hunks of rock or marble. Melding land and sea and delicate and durable materials, the works draw parallels between the rapid death of the marine creatures and the disappearance of traditional flame-working techniques, both of which Fleury-Rojo sees as having potential for a “hopeful regeneration into full bloom.”

The sculptures shown here are part of the first volume of Reef Formations, some of which will be on view at Essex’s The Sentinel Galley for a dual exhibition opening on April 4. Fleury-Rojo currently has a few works available on Etsy and frequently shares glimpses into her studio and process on  Instagram.

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