Anja Brunt’s Clever Collages Give Ephemeral Articles a Second Life

All images © Anja Brunt, shared with permission

Inspired by Dada and Surrealism, Anja Brunt’s instinctive paper medleys evoke a sense of whimsy, spontaneity, and randomness. The Amsterdam-based graphic designer has been creating assemblages for six years as a way to relax. After falling in love with the many possibilities of the medium, she began to work intuitively, cutting and arranging vintage ephemera into iterations of bodies, buildings, and bold text.

Brunt collects materials from every place imaginable. From papers she finds in chocolate boxes and antique playing cards to instruction leaflets and train tickets, the artist sources both aged pieces and contemporary media gathered from her daily life. As she accumulates promising morsels over time, she organizes each fragment into boxes and old stamp albums, where they await their addition into a montage.

At the moment, Brunt is exploring collage animation. Keep up with her newest projects on her website and Instagram.

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