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    Martin Whatson “Free” Solo Exhibition @ Dubai’s RexRomae Gallery – December 3rd

    Rom Levy

    Rom Levy
    Rom is the founder & editor in chief of StreetArtNews. In 2009, he launched the ‘StreetArtNews’ website to promote underground art, which widened his scope to work with a larger roster of street artists on events and exhibitions. He is noted as one of the latest figures to help popularize street art and as an authority on the latest trends in urban contemporary art. More

  • Hiroyasu Tsuri aka Twoone – RAW MARK MAKING

    RAW MARK MAKING – Hiroyasu Tsuri (b. 1983)

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    Hiroyasu Tsuri aka Twoone – RAW MARK MAKING

    “Raw Mark Making is quite a simple idea. It’s literally the meaning of the words. Mark making. In my context, it is making marks that are not commonly used in traditional art practice. Unusual movements, using any kind of tools, embracing a mood or attitude, mixed with the physical speed or controlling the level of impact on to the surface… that’s what I call raw mark making.”
    – Hiroyasu Tsuri

    Since pre-historic times it has been an instinctual human behaviour to make marks. Whether an individual or a group of people, mark making has been a constant outlet for human beings to leave behind a record of their existence and experiences. Hiroyasu Tsuri (TWOONE) is driven by this same innate behaviour. Tsuri creates marks with a childlike freedom of expression, open mindedness and this instinctual human desire to leave behind a legacy of visual depictions of the his interpretations of the human experience. Tsuri calls this ‘Raw Mark Making’.

    The concept of ‘Raw Mark Making’ is the culmination of a decade of experience taking every opportunity to paint marks whenever and wherever Tsuri finds himself around the world. This experience began in the early 2000’s, studying composition and mark making techniques with graffiti writers in Melbourne Australia. In 2014 Tsuri relocated to Berlin Germany and it was this move that sparked a philosophical desire to survey his practise over the last decade and acknowledge and consider the concepts, motivations and ideas behind why he creates marks, and why he chooses to do so in his distinct manner.

    Since 2012 Tsuri has exhibited four unique solo exhibitions with Backwoods Gallery – SevenSamurai (2012), Outsiders (2014), 100 Faces (2016) and Object (2018). Raw Mark Making (2020) celebrates Tsuri’s history, and development of, the different kinds of ‘Mark Making’ that have been exhibited in these exhibitions and that have become pivotal to first decade of his oeuvre. The selected works represents the different stages of discovery of Tsuri’s own unique expression of, and place within, the human history of ‘Raw Mark Making’.
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    25 Easey St Collingwood, Victoria, Australia More

  • Coverage: “8th Ply” Group Show in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Continuing their successful collaboration Sasha Bogojev and Mark Chalmers team up again for 8th Ply. Curated by Sasha Bogojev and presented by The Garage Amsterdam, 8th Ply is a group exhibition featuring artists whose lives were, and are, significantly marked by their connection with skateboarding.
    Seven layers of maple wood, or 7-ply, is the core construction of the skateboard deck and the bedrock of this globally popular sport/lifestyle. In a year when skateboarding was destined to debut as an official Olympic sport for the first time in history, 8th Ply is here to put a focus on another layer of this popular activity.
    Working in a variety of mediums, applying different techniques, and using a diverse range of aesthetics to express their creativity, the presentation aims to provide a glimpse at the uniqueness, imagination, and resourcefulness of the people closely connected to skateboarding. And while skateboarding itself is now a big part of popular culture and is getting heavily branded as a mainstream sport, 8th Ply serves as a metaphor for the cardinal ingredient that turns a wooden plank into a form of identification.
    The exhibition features artists whose lives were, and are, significantly marked by their connection with skateboarding, such as Ed Templeton, James Jarvis, Jean Jullien, Adam Neate, Boris Tellegen, Parra, Josh Jefferson, Andrew Schoultz, and Jeffrey Cheung.

    “From my perspective, 8th Ply represents the channeling of human energy and emotion into the artifact of the skateboard. The combination of board and rider together allows each to become greater than the sum of their parts. My work across the globe bears witness to the inspiring magic that occurs when skateboarders—particularly among SOC—are allowed to move beyond the local and contribute their viewpoints, actions, and activism to the global language of skateboarding culture. Each rider carries a different thread of humanity which, when woven into the broader fabric of skateboarding, emboldens the next generation to see skateboarding as an outlet for their voice.
    As a young Black teenager, I witnessed firsthand how overt and covert racism negatively affected the lives of people of color, and I sought ways to disrupt its effects. Once discovering skateboarding, I found a new space of freedom and self-expression, as part of a multi-gendered, multiracial collective dedicated to pushing through life’s challenges atop 7-Plys of Hardrock-maple. The diversity within our coalition offered a blueprint, which demonstrated that when harnessed correctly, skateboarding culture might offer the possibility to challenge power, build community, and create social change.” – Dr. Neftalie Williams, Artist. Scholar. Diplomat. Activist. Skateboarder.

     The Garage Amsterdam was created in 2004 by Mark Chalmers, a creative director and founder of the internationally lauded Creative Social. Mark also runs the international studio Chalming.Co where he is working with artists and art to build global brands through culture. Brands such as Nike, Dior, Google and Patagonia. Fascinated by the power of grassroots networks, Chalmers started The Garage Amsterdam, as a place where artists could stay while in Amsterdam, create and exhibit work and connect with other artists.
    Scroll down below for more photos of the group show.

    Images by Rene Messman

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  • “KAOS TRIP: A Color Journey by Okuda San Miguel” in Guangzhou, China

    It has taken nine months and an infinite amount of effort within a Chinese-Spanish multidisciplinary team working in the midst of a global pandemic crisis. But finally, ‘Kaos trip’ made its debut last July 10 in K11 Art Mall in Guangzhou, China. This show  offers a tour of the different supports, formats and techniques that he uses in his work, but also covers some ideas and concepts that drive him when creating his art.
    Okuda has brought together some twenty pieces of large format and spectacular installations, in addition to presenting in public some of his latest visual research in the form of kaleidoscopes and dark rooms. The show creates a gorgeous and fantastic surreal visual experience, presenting an organic fusion of colors and geometric figures and provoking both a visual impact to the audience, but also reveal a sense of mystery in the viewer.

    In the words of Okuda, “I have enjoyed creating this exhibition not only because it is my first in China but also because I wanted to share with the public an authentic immersive experience with two unique pieces that I introduce here for the first time. This exhibition is a retrospective of all my work that covers from the early years to my latest pieces that include painting, sculpture and embroidery, among other things”.

    Spanish contemporary artist Okuda San Miguel is famous for splashing vibrant hues across architectures in different corners of the world. He is known for his distinctive style of colorful geometric patterns that portray animals, skulls, religious iconography and human figures.
    Scroll down below to see more photos of Kaos Trip.

    [embedded content]

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  • Coverage: MOMO “Parting Line” Solo Exhibition at Hangar 107, France

    The exhibition the Hangar 107 devoted to MOMO completes an institutional cycle that began in 2019 in Toulouse and Nancy. This American artist, who only rarely appears in France, first created a wall painting for the Rose Béton festival. Then he created a second one in Nancy, with the support of the local Museum of […] More

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    Upcoming Group Show at Beinart Gallery Celebrates the Intricate Art of Miniatures

     All images © Beinart Gallery, shared with permission Melbourne, Australia’s Beinart Gallery is gearing up for an exhibition of small scale paintings, scratch-built models, and tiny sculptures. Co-curated by artist Joshua Smith (previously), the Miniature Art Group Show features impressive works by a group of around 30 artists from around the world. Close-up photos of […] More

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    Chicago’s Pizza In The Rain Celebrates Year-Long ‘Landscapes’ Project With Exhibition

    We’ve covered Chicago’s PITR and his ambitious street work in the past, and his latest endeavor ups the ante again. We have high expectations for this artist, especially after the magnificent “Paper Portraits” in 2016 and incredible 9 month collaborative project “Good Example” in 2017. PITR x Zissou Tasseff-Elenkoff   Originally launched in October 2018 […] More