Calls to fund ‘desperately under-resourced’ government architect office amid Queensland election

In the midst of Queensland’s state election, the local chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects is urging both major parties to increase resources to the state’s government architect’s office.

A statement from the Institute describes the Office of the Queensland Government Architect as “desperately under-resourced.” A review of state government architects’ offices around the country finds that Queensland lags behind the rest of the countries with only 3.8 full time equivalent staff, compared with 32 in New South Wales, 22 in South Australia, 14 in Victoria, and 8 in Western Australia.

“The impact of the Office cannot be understated,” said Michael Lavery, Queensland chapter president of the Institute. “Operating with what I consider to be a ‘skeleton staff’ is, essentially, short changing the people of Queensland.”

The Office of the Queensland Government Architect oversees the implementation of good design across the state and the Institute says it should be a key consideration in the state’s economic recovery.

“If Queensland is to thrive in the wake of COVID-19, design must be prioritized,” Lavery said.

“Long gone are the misconceptions that design is an optional, and sometimes costly, added extra. The opposite is true.

“Design is essential for the success of any economic recovery program. It’s the single most powerful tool we can rely upon to ensure we remain economically competitive, culturally robust and environmentally responsive.”

“Design is the process that guarantees we can deliver safe, efficient and cost-effective transport, schools, business hubs, medical facilities and tourist centres.

“As an architect, I’ve witnessed how design fast tracks economies, unites communities and protects our natural landscapes and wildlife — without it, all Queenslanders will be worse off.”

The Queensland state election will take place on 31 October.

Source: Architecture - architectureau

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