“Airhead” by SHOK-1 IN Hackney, United Kingdom

Bristish artist SHOK-1 just worked on a new mural in collaboration with London Mural Festival. The said mural is located in Hackney, United Kingdom. It features SHOK-1’s unique spraypaint X-ray style.

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A cool blend of street and science, SHOK-1’s artworks have tremendous resonance with a wide range of demographics: from fans of pop culture, contemporary and street arts, to surgeons, radiologists and scientists. Darkly beautiful and packed with subtle layers of intricate detail, X-rays are one of the most difficult subject matters a painter could attempt. SHOK-1 has pioneered cutting-edge freehand techniques using no tape or stencils to render his X-ray style.

Check out below for more images of “Airhead”

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