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    “Re-vision of a Granada Landscape” by Alberto Montes in Granada, Spain

    Alberto Montes, a renowned Spanish urban artist, has unveiled his latest creation titled “Re-vision of a Granada Landscape” at Livensa Living Granada Cartuja. This mural, Montes’ first in Granada, is situated on the rooftop of the student residence.The artwork showcases the unique flora of Granada, featuring plants like borage, Clypeola Eriocarpa, and pomegranates.Through a combination of composition and color, with an emphasis on green, orange, and ochre tones, the mural captures the essence of the Granada Mediterranean landscape and fosters a dialogue between the artwork and its surroundings. The fragmented aesthetic employed by Montes seamlessly integrates the mural into the architectural environment. Ultimately,the artist aims to evoke reflection and enjoyment among viewers, while also providing an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for student interaction.Alberto Montes (born 1995 in Los Corrales, Seville) is a prominent figure in the Spanish mural scene. With a Fine Arts degree from the University of Seville and a Master’s in Interdisciplinary Production from the University of Malaga,Montes boasts a career that spans Spain, Portugal, the United States (Miami and New York). The recipient of a scholarship from the Antonio Gala Foundation and the winner of the XXX Madroño Awards (Madrid, 2022), Montes is a celebrated artist with a growing reputation.This mural is a collaborative effort between Livensa Living, a leading owner and operator of student residences, and Rebobinart, a company specializing in urban art production. The artwork marks the fourteenth urban art installation sponsored by Livensa Living, and it adheres to the company’s philosophy of promoting both established and emerging artists across their various residences in Spain and Portugal.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); More

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    “Spaces & Between” by Misterpiro in Malaga, Spain

    Esteemed urban artist Misterpiro has taken center stage at Livensa Living Málaga Feria with his latest creation, “Spaces & Between”. This striking mural isn’t just visually captivating, it embodies the very essence of connection between people and their surroundings.Misterpiro, a recognized name in the international urban art scene, has graced cities like London, Rome, and New York with his artistry. “Spaces & Between” marks his Malaga debut and signifies a significant milestone – the 13th urban art installation commissioned by Livensa Living across Spain and Portugal. Their dedication to enriching the residential experience through art is evident. The two murals themselves are impressive, towering at 3.3 meters high and stretching 23 meters long. To bring his vision to life, Misterpiro utilized a vibrant palette boasting over 40 unique paint shades.The mural isn’t the only transformation happening at Livensa Living Málaga Feria. The complex is undergoing a comprehensive renovation, with a focus on functionality as well. Recognizing the evolving needs of their residents,Livensa Living is converting 120 individual flexible accommodation units into doubles, maximizing their capacity.Beyond functionality, the renovation extends to the common areas. These spaces are being revitalized to reflect Livensa Living’s design philosophy. Expect a refreshing infusion of vibrant colors, youthful prints, and nods to Malaga’s rich culture and traditions. The goal is to foster a sense of community and well-being for residents, visitors, and the neighborhood itself.With Misterpiro’s captivating mural and the thoughtful redesign of the common areas, Livensa Living is creating a dynamic and inspiring environment for students and young professionals. Their commitment to artistic expression and community building shines through in this exciting transformation.(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); More