“REBOOT” by Ludo in Beirut, Lebanon

Ludo recently worked on a new project entitled “Reboot” in Beirut. “Reboot” is a series of murals done in the capital of Lebanon wherein a massive explosion that caused great damage to the city happened last August. Ludo’s installations amidst the ruins of the area somehow sheds new light and hope to the rebuilding city.

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The project was done with the help of Art of Change Global, Beirut who dealt with the army, police, protests, fires, virus, and other circumstances as Ludo worked on the installations.

The work of Paris-based Ludo (Ludovic Vernhet) explores a world where biotechnological chimeras offer to merge plants and animals with our technological universe. Through his work, Ludo aims to reveal the opposites that cohabit our world, often taking unlikely pairings to absurd lengths. These dualities are reconciled by the artist through the creation of hybrid organisms.

Check out below for more images of “Reboot”.

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