Buster and Punch launch Electricity collection

Buster and Punch is the pioneering home fashion label that changes the way we connect with ordinary home fittings.

Launching a new range of light switches, dimmers and power outlets, the Electricity collection is infused with the London subculture attitude that is synonymous with the Buster and Punch brand.

From its roots in a garage in East London making custom motorcycles, Buster and Punch has grown fast into one of the industry’s most engaging and authentic creators. With its reinventions of your home’s forgotten details, the brand is defined by precision metal work and a unique lifestyle that captivates its followers.

Buster and Punch’s Electricity is a holistic one-stop solution that effortlessly ties together entire spaces, homes and contract interiors.

The Electricity collection, comprised of unique light switches, dimmer switches and power outlets, is crafted from solid metal, and crowned with the iconic Buster and Punch trademark solid metal coin screws and diamond-cut dimmer knobs and toggles. The metal cover plates and trim accents are imbued with the clean, industrial look Buster and Punch is renowned for.

Aidan Mawhinney, CEO of Living Edge, says of the new range, “Electricity is one of the most important details of the home, and Buster and Punch’s Electricity range transforms a functional fitting into an opportunity for creativity. The daring collection offers unrivalled tactility and a strong visual impact, crafted from the highest quality materials to ensure longevity.”

The Electricity range is available in steel, brass, smoked bronze and black solid metal fixtures, with additional detail kits for added customization.

The range is optimised, fully engineered and code approved for Australia and New Zealand residential and contract applications. The products are designed to complement the wider range of Buster and Punch hardware and lighting, so you can mix and match to create a look that suits your design aesthetic. Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, the Electricity collection creates a connection with your space that grows each time you feel Buster and Punch’s trademark solid metal detailing during use.

The Electricity collection is available at Living Edge now.

Source: Architecture - architectureau

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