Design unveiled for $619 million children's hospital in Western Sydney

The NSW government has unveiled designs a new children’s hospital building at Westmead in Sydney’s west.

The $619 million Paediatric Services Building designed by Billard Leece Partnership forms part of the stage two redevelopment of Westmead Health Precinct.

It will consolidate state’s most critical health services for children and teenagers, including a neonatal intensive care unit paediatric intensive care unit, cancer services, operating theatres, cardiac catheterisation and interventional laboratories, a pharmacy and inpatient units.

The project will also include a revitalized forecourt and playground, an Aboriginal Meeting place, village green, and retail spaces.

“BLP has created a purpose-built, playful, and supportive place for children, their families, and society as a whole,” said Tara Veldman, managing director of BLP.

The design of the Paediatric Services Building by Billard Leece Partnership uses biophilic design principles to create a stress-free, non-threatening environment for patients.

BLP’s design translates evidence based research into the physical environment with “positive distraction” and “atmospheric inclusiveness” to aid children’s wellbeing. Some paediatric patients may be in care for long periods and the architects intend to create uplifting and interactive space.

The ground plane of the building will be integrated with the “Kids Park” to create a non-threatening, stress-free environment when paediatric patients arrive.

The design also incorporates principles of biophilic design, with natural light, physical and visual connection to green spaces. A nearby river is also reinterpreted in the architecture of the building.

A separate car park building will accommodate 1,000 car spaces as well as generate solar energy for the hospital.

A separate multi-storey car park building will provide 1,000 parking spaces, as well as solar panels on the facades and roof that will generate 600kW of energy for the hospital.

The project follows stage one redevelopment of Westmead Health Precinct designed by HDR, which includes a new Acute Services Building that houses the children’s emergency department, short stay unit and operating theatres. The Paediatric Services Building will connect the Acute Services Building.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet said, “This is a once-in-a-generation project that will strengthen our frontline services by delivering world-class healthcare facilities and services for families to provide them with the care and support when they need it most.”

The government has allocated a further $658 million for the redevelopment of Sydney Children’s Hospital and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre at Randwick, also designed by Billard Leece Partnership.

Source: Architecture - architectureau

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