UK, Australia, New Zealand announce mutual recognition for architects

A new mutual recognition agreement (MRA) between Australia, the United Kingdom (UK) and New Zealand will begin on 25 May 2023, making it easier for architects to register across the three countries.

The agreement has been signed by the Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA), the UK Architects Registration Board, and the New Zealand Registered Architects Board.

It paves the way for a more streamlined registration process, which will reduce costs and examinations for architects, as well as recognize the masters-level qualifications of architects.

“This agreement enhances the ability of both registered architects and graduates with accredited qualifications to move between the UK and Australia / New Zealand,” said AACA CEO Kathlyn Loseby.

“The agreement builds on the close links between our three countries and has been made possible because of the constructive engagement between regulatory bodies and the confidence we have in the integrity of regulation and assurance of standards across Australia and New Zealand,” said Hugh Simpson, Chief Executive and Registrar of the UK Architects Registration Board.

Gina Jones, chair of the New Zealand Registered Architects Board, added, “We want our registration processes to be as straightforward as possible, while still ensuring new registrants have what is necessary for safe and effective practice. Mutual recognition agreements such as this benefit qualifying architects with a simpler pathway to registration between the United Kingdom and New Zealand.”

The MRA was facilitated by the free trade deal between Australia and the UK, which was formalized in January 2022.

Australia also has MRAs with the USA, Canada, Japan and Singapore, and it is in the process of negotiating one with India.

Source: Architecture - architectureau

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