World’s tallest hybrid timber tower in Perth granted approval

A distinctive 183-metre-tall hybrid timber tower, designed by Fraser and Partners, has obtained development approval, with the 51-storey building reportedly on its way to earning the title of tallest hybrid timber tower in the world.

The $350-million tower will be three metres taller than the current title holder: Atlassian’s hybrid timber tower in Sydney designed by Shop Architects and BVN, which was approved in 2021.

The City of South Perth initially recommended to reject the proposal because it did not meet the criterion of “design excellence.” However, the Joint Development Assessment Panel vetoed the council’s recommendation.

Located at 4-8 Charles Street, South Perth, the development will be named C6, after the chemical element for carbon on the periodic table – a fitting name for the first carbon negative building in Western Australia.

The hybrid timber tower will be constructed using 7,400 square metres of exposed timber. According to the C6 Perth website, the vision behind the design is to deliver “a simple, elegant, structural solution that can be replicated time and time again,” and to “use materials where they are most fit for purpose.”

“We seek to create homes that generate joy. Let’s design our buildings to be win-win for us and for our planet – these two notions should not be mutually exclusive.”

The fully electric building will comprise 237 one and two-bedroom apartments, a public park, urban farm, and an EV parking lot with charging stations.


Fraser and Partners

The fully electric building will comprise 245 one- to four-bedroom apartments, a public park, cinema, urban farm, private food waste and recycling capabilities and an EV parking lot with charging stations, housing a fleet of 80 electric cars for communal use.

Fraser and Partners’ design intends to adopt biophilic design principles, with C6 to feature3,500 square metres of landscaped floral, native and edible gardens for a “tower to plate” food and beverage offering.

C6 will release 85 per cent of the site to the community, with locals and visitors able to enjoy the nature themed playground, educational and entertainment cinema, horticulutural zone, and landscaped gardens on the ground plane.

Architect Callum Fraser said C6 is more than a building, “it’s a new building system that inverts the carbon diagram – from carbon creation to carbon capture and sequestration. An architecture of consequence.”

Source: Architecture - architectureau

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