“Lizard” by Pener in Olsztyn, Poland

Street artist Pener recently shared his latest abstract mural which was just completed on the streets of Olsztyn in Poland.

Pener has been one of Poland’s talented emerging artists working in abstract and deconstructive style. Pener’s mural is a masterpiece of detail and color. The artist has created a fluid composition with layers of deconstructed forms that seem to flow into each other. The linear details are impressive, holding together the constant movement and transparent shapes. The mural is a stunning example of Pener’s skill and talent.

Bartek Świątecki’s aka Pener work mixes abstraction and traditional graffiti. High art and youth culture, modernism and skateboarding. His images are based around geometric groupings and angular forms which reference futuristic architectural design.

Check out below for more images of Pener’s work.

Source: StreetArt -


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