New Mural by PichiAvo in Bayonne, France

In the city of Bayonne, PichiAvo, the renowned Spanish artistic duo, has once again graced the urban landscape with their latest work of art. This captivating mural, presented as part of the Points de Vue Street Art Festival, pays a heartfelt tribute to Glaucus, the Greek sea god. The mural seamlessly intertwines with Bayonne’s profound connection to water, creating a visual spectacle that encapsulates the city’s spirit.

Bayonne, strategically positioned at the confluence of the Adour River and the mighty Atlantic Ocean, has a long history intertwined with the elemental force of water. The city’s development and character have been significantly influenced by its relationship with these aquatic surroundings.

The mural is unveiled as part of the Points de Vue urban art festival, a cultural celebration born in 2017. This festival is the result of collaborative efforts between the Basque Country Urban Community, the Bayonne town hall, and the KAXU gallery. Points de Vue stands as a testament to Bayonne’s
commitment to urban art and culture.

This event is not just a festival; it’s an open-air gallery that extends its reach beyond Bayonne, encompassing the entire region. Attendees can explore the city’s streets, gazing upon monumental frescoes that adorn the walls or embark on a treasure hunt for hidden artistic gems, further emphasizing
the synergy between art and the urban environment.

PichiAvo’s tribute to Glaucus, the deity of the sea, beautifully exemplifies this artistic fusion, as the mural not only pays homage to Greek mythology but also resonates with the city’s intrinsic connection to water. It’s a vivid testament to the timeless interplay between nature, art, and culture. The Points de Vue Street Art Festival has created a vibrant platform for such expressions, ensuring that Bayonne continues to be a canvas for artistic inspiration and an ode to the ever present element of water that has shaped its unique character.

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