“OPTICHROMIE for Jersey City” by Felipe Pantone in New Jersey

Felipe Pantone recently unveiled his latest masterpiece, “OPTICHROMIE for Jersey City“, marking his return to the global street art scene in the US after nearly a year since his last mural in Ohio.

Spanning an impressive 25 floors, this mural is Pantone’s largest to date. It showcases a mesmerizing array of geometric patterns in monochrome, gradients, and vibrant colors, reflecting the artist’s signature chromatic palette. Set against the backdrop of the iconic New York skyline, the mural creates a captivating visual contrast, drawing viewers in with its bold aesthetic.

“It’s been a titanic mission during a 25-day spring stay where my team and I endured rain, cold, two earthquakes (on the lift), and a solar eclipse!”

The creation of this monumental artwork involved meticulous planning and team coordination, as Pantone and his collaborators carefully mapped out intricate designs on the building facade. Despite the challenges of working at towering heights, the transformative impact of “OPTICHROMIE for Jersey City” on the urban landscape is undeniable, reshaping architectural perceptions and captivating audiences worldwide.

Check out below for more photos of Felipe Pantone’s latest work.



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