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    “Still Life Studies” by Ludo in Paris, France

    Street artist Ludo just recently shared with us his new series of mural on the streets of his hometown, Paris, France.

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    Ludo’s new “Still Life Studies” features his iconic skulls together with flowers on a Sanofi vase filled with pills, tulips bouquet in a Johnson&Johnson container, and many more brands related to supplying vaccines against  COVID-19.

    The work of Paris-based Ludo (Ludovic Vernhet) explores a world where biotechnological chimeras offer to merge plants and animals with our technological universe. Through his work, Ludo aims to reveal the opposites that cohabit our world, often taking unlikely pairings to absurd lengths. These dualities are reconciled by the artist through the creation of hybrid organisms.
    Check out below to see more of Ludo’s murals. More

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    New murals by Ludo in Paris, France

    Street artist Ludo is back with a new batch of fresh murals on the streets of Paris, France.b-sm = none; sm > 728×90;b-sm = 300×250; sm > none; The artwork above shows a rose wrapped tightly with a zip tie. Ludo shared this mural together with the words “Lockdown… no blossom allowed”. These new set of… More

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    New mural by Ludo in Paris, France

    Streetartist Ludo just sent us some images of one of his newest works for 2021 he just unveiled somewhere on the streets of Paris, France.

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    The mural features a skull warped into a pineaaple, with a nose similar to Pinocchio’s. The artwork shows an exchange of words below “2021?” “Everything’s gonna be alright”.
    Ludovic Vernhet, known by the name Ludo and sometimes even referred to as Nature’s Revenge, is an artist born and raised in Paris. As an ever-changing character of urban contemporary art, Ludo’s art is expressed through diverse mediums, from giant murals on streets, to canvases, installations, drawings, sculptures and photographs as gallery and museum exhibition pieces.

    Ludo utilizes a signature style of no other, the use of three colours in his work; black, white and neon green. Precise drawings of biotechnological occurrences, merged with our technological dimension. His shows have been exhibited across the world in cities such as London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Rome, Paris, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.
    Scroll down to view more images of the mural. More

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    “Social Distancing” by Ludo in Paris, France

    Street artist Ludo is back with new murals on the streets of Paris. The first mural features roses with handcuffs that somehow mirrors the situation today where there is a need for social distancing. His next mural shows a skeleton posing for a selfie which is entitled “iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro (with Dual optical image stabilization) in my hand, who is the fairest in the land?”. Once more, these works were finished with a touch of Ludo’s signature green paint.
    Ludovic Vernhet, known by the name Ludo and sometimes even referred to as Nature’s Revenge, is an artist born and raised in Paris. In his works, Ludo fuses imagery of plants, insects, skulls, and human technology to create “a new order of hybrid organisms.” In protest of modern society’s self-destructive exploitation of nature, Ludo creates figures whose violence and elegance are intended to inspire respect and humility.
    He is based in Paris, but his work has been also seen in London, Berlin, New York, Chicago, Tokyo, Bangkok, Shanghai, Hong Kong and even in Vatican City.
    Check out below to see more photos of the murals.

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    “Pensées du bouffon rouge” by Pboy in Paris, France

    French muralist Pascal Boyart, aka PBoy, has recently completed a new mural titled “Pensées du bouffon rouge” (Contemplation of the Red Jester) in Rue de Montmorency, Paris 3ème. This amazing 6mt wide acrylic painting depicts the famous “Stańczyk” Red Jester by Jan Matejko (1838-1893) plus some modern additions to reflect about the current problems that riddle the global economy. Stańczyk was the court jester when Poland was at the height of its political, economic and cultural power during the era of the Renaissance in the 16th century. He was a very popular figure, an eloquent man considered more than a mere entertainer, using satire to comment on the nation’s past, present, and future.

    Passionate about drawing since his youth, Pascal Boyart grew up in Paris near La Chapelle, the birthplace of European graffiti. During the last 15 years he covered the walls of Paris with his realistic figurative frescoes inspired by an evident fascination for monumental portraits. Pboy is notably the first mural painter to affix a Bitcoin QR code for donations, to support his future works with no intermediaries involved. The mural has been painted in two days on the facade of the Galerie W Landau, as part of the W-Art United Festival. Check out below for more images of the Red Jester.

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    “Le plan sur la gommette” Exhibition by Ella & Pitr in Paris

    Artistic duo Ella & Pitr is back with their latest exhibition “Le plan sur la gommette” that runs from June 9th to July 4th, 2020. This exhibition will feature the 70 works they prepared during one year. Through a series of artworks painted in sandpits and then destroyed with explosives, Ella & Pitr give back its place to one […] More

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    Ludo in Paris, France

    French artist Ludo is back with another piece in his favorite city. The artist made the mural to mark what the world is experiencing at the moment – the virus outbreak, quarantines, confinement, the list goes on. This piece features Ludo’s trademark skull-grape design together with his signature shade of green. Take a look below at […] More