Phoenix releases collection of ‘living mood boards’

Phoenix has released its “Curated Finishes Collection”, showcasing eight product finishes across its tapware, showers and accessories collection.

The release features Phoenix’s recently launched finishes: Matte White and Brushed Carbon, along with Brushed Gold, Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Gun Metal, Matte Black and Stainless Steel.

Pleasing cohesion can be achieved when the same finish is shared across not only tapware and mixers, but also showers and accessories from towel rails, soap dishes to shelves and toilet roll holders. Phoenix finishes pair tastefully with contemporary bathroom materials, such as sophisticated tiles, elegant stone and warm timbers.

“The kaleidoscope of the Australian landscape is represented in the imagery of the Curated Finishes Collection, evoking strong feelings of connection through organic form, textural depth and beautiful dappled morning light,” said Phoenix. “Each finish has its own palette with layers of tone and depth represented in an atmospheric style.”

In this recent collection, Phoenix presents an actual product showcase to help viewers to conceptualize the product finishes, rather than through artistic representation. “Our requirement was to show how the light moves across our tapware, just as it does in a bathroom, and how it can be brought to life in homes with trending materials,” explained Phoenix marketing manager Chantelle Malone.

Phoenix worked with respected Melbourne stylist Ben Sheppard to create its “living mood boards” to provide audiences to bring their bathroom visions to life. Phoenix used premium plating processes that best suit the finishes they are aiming to achieve in their tapware and bathroom accessories, with the latest technology and durability standards to provide the highest quality finish.

To view the full collection, visit the Phoenix website.

Source: Architecture - architectureau

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