“Come what may” by Beast Collective in Emilia, Italy

Here is the latest piece made by Beast Collective in Emilia, Italy. Entitled “Come what may”, the pasteup was placed on an old abandoned roadman’s house in the province of Bobbio in Northern Italy. As always with the pieces of this collective, there was the recovery of an archive photo of an historical figure, in this case of the Italian playwright Eduardo De Filippo, positioned on an abandoned building, signifying the eternity of this figure and its resistance to the passage of time. Their technique is to first photograph the wall they intend to install the piece on, superimposing the texture of the wall onto the photo, and then placing it onto the building. This allows them to achieve a realistic blending effect between the photo and the wall, following the scratches and cuts on the wall itself.

“Eduardo De Filippo’s life and career – Beast says – were a testament to the transformative power of art and the enduring influence of family heritage. His remarkable ability to capture the essence of human nature and portray it with authenticity has secured him a place in the pantheon of Italy’s greatest literary and theatrical figures. Eduardo’s works continue to inspire and move audiences, and his legacy remains a cherished part of Italy’s cultural heritage. As long as there are stages to be graced and stories to be told, Eduardo De Filippo’s impact on the world of theater and cinema will endure.”
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