“High Tide” by David De La Mano in Salamanca, Spain

In the quaint municipality of Juzbado, located 20 km from Salamanca, a new artistic gem has emerged within its urban area. Titled “High Tide,” this mural is now a proud addition to a curated selection of works by esteemed artists such as Ampparito, Taquen, DOA, Pablo S. Herrero, and Marta Lapeña, among others. This remarkable project is coordinated by Javito and guided by the vision of Juzbado’s mayor, Fernando Rubio.

Completed just a few weeks ago, “High Tide” draws inspiration from the historic “Cielo de Salamanca” by Fernando Gallego. It forms a part of the artist’s ongoing exploration of Salamanca’s rich heritage. The mural aims to underscore the enduring significance of Gallego’s work, celebrated for its historical, aesthetic, and scientific value.

While the representation of constellations in “High Tide” does not strive for the same fidelity as the original mural, it serves as a bridge connecting past and present. This modern interpretation reflects our timeless fascination with stars and galaxies, illustrating how the cosmos not only broadens our horizons of knowledge but also places our existence in the vast scale of the universe.

Through this mural, Juzbado embraces both its historical roots and its contemporary cultural vibrancy, inviting residents and visitors alike to ponder our connection to the celestial wonders above.

Take a look at more images below and keep checking back with us for more street art updates from around the world.

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