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    “The Silent Mirror” by David de la Mano in Galicia, Spain

    Prolific muralist and painter David De La Mano recently finished his latest mural for Vigo, Cidade De Cor, an art festival in public spaces held in the city of Vigo, Galicia, Spain since 2015. The mural is entitled “The Silent Mirror” which depicts his signature repeating silhouettes of human and animal figures.

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    David de la Mano is a Spanish contemporary artist best known for his stunning murals often featuring silhouettes, trees and other monochromatic imagery. de la Mano is a versatile artist who excels from drawing to sculpture. The artist experiments with different techniques among which acrylics, watercolours, ink and collage.
    His art highlights a vision of humanity with a lot of metaphor and poetry. He is often playing with shadows and lights, forms and contrasts to convey his vision of the world to us.
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    Parees Festival in Oviedo, Spain

    Four artists, all of them from Spain, have taken part in this edition, creating artworks inspired by local themes through one of the main signs of identity of the event: the participatory processes. Coordinated by Raposu Roxu, this way of working implies the neighbours in the creative process of the walls, getting artists and citizens in touch. The result is that a lot of locals feel the pieces as their own.
    Manolo Mesa has created a mural playing homage to the abandoned crockery factory of San Claudio in a hot spot of Oviedo. Parees team launched an open call on social media asking the locals to take pics of their San Claudio pieces (plates, teapots, trays, cups…) while telling the stories behind those collections. The artist visited some of those neighbours’ houses for meeting them first hand and shooting some pics of the pottery compositions.

    Mural by Manolo Mesa

    Harsa Pati, Arantxa Recio’s artistic nickname, turned into an artwork a traditional fairy tale from Asturias which was discovered to her by local writer and storyteller Milio’l del Nido. The 50 metres long wall of the Germán Fernández Ramos Public School was the canvas of a drawn fable about false appearances where nothing is what it really looks like.

    Mural by Harsa Pati

    Lidia Cao has dedicated her wall to the local writer Dolores Medio. Lidia’s piece combines the literary work of Dolores as well as her condition as a woman ahead of her time, vindicating gender equality at the same time that was a victim of the censorship of those years. The winner of the 1952 Nadal Award is presented taking a seat in front of her typewriter with 2 observing vultures behind her back. Cosme Marina, chairman of Dolores Medio Foundation, informed to Lidia about several facts of the now beloved and respected author.

    Mural by Lidia Cao

    Last but not least, local artist Manu García painted his first ever outdoor wall at El Milán College Campus. The piece is a tribute to ‘fiestas de prao’, a form of very popular local summer parties. ‘El Nolas’ investigation included visits to the photographic archives of Asturias as well as his own personal memories from his hometown.

    Mural bu Manu Garcia

    The feedback from Oviedo’s citizens has been the most enthusiastic one in the four editions of Parees. There were tons of neighbours congratulating the artists for their work, saying nothing but good words and sending pretty good vibes about the whole thing. The Festival, which has become a true sign of identity for Oviedo, has created a beautiful mixture of art and history on the city walls. More

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    “NON PLUS ULTRA” by Gonzalo Borondo in Salamanca, Spain

    Since the beginning of his artistic activity, Borondo has seen glass as an interesting material to explore, a source of original creative possibilities, attracted by the opposites that characterise it: transparency and hardness; fragility and resistance; protection and danger. He is also interested in its relationship with light and the elegance it transmits.

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    In recent years, Borondo has tackled the subject with a multidisciplinary approach, articulating innovative formal solutions that combine skills from different areas and that have seen the practice of “glass scratching” evolve in relation to the artist’s intentions: to enliven painting and to experiment with silkscreen printing. “Non Plus Ultra” is the result of a visionary perspective on screen printing, where the rules are shifted towards the unusual, where error is enjoyed, the cause before discovery, where the technique goes beyond the limits imposed by the blank sheet. More

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    “RESILIENCE” by Sabek in Galicia, Spain

    Madrid-based artist Sabek is back with a new mural for the sixth edition of Rexenera Fest. Rexenera is an international public art festival in Carballo that brings together the best urban artists there are in Galicia, Spain and international scenes, transforming the town into an open air museum. Sabek shared his work together with the words
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    “Insurrecta” by Gonzalo Borondo in Segovia, Spain

    Spanish artist artist Gonzalo Borondo presents INSURRECTA alongside the City Council of Segovia, and in collaboration with Acción Cultural Española (AC/E). ‘Insurrecta’ commemorates the 500th anniversary of the communal uprising in the city, and pays homage to the Comuneros of Segovia by delving into the idea of Revolt. A total of 32 pieces chosen by […] More

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    Alberto Montes in Zaragoza, Spain

    Alberto Montes recently finished another mural in Zaragoza, Spain. His new murals features nature and was created in relation to the landscape surrounding it. Alberto’s new works encourages pause, contemplation and reflection to counter the haste and lack of attention in the public space. Alberto Montes is a visual artist born in Los Corrales, Seville in 1995.  He […] More

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    “Tetra Fish” by Dados Punto Cero in Spain

    Dados Punto Cero is back with a new mural in Cembranos, Castilla y León, Spain. The mural entitled “Tetra Fish” depicts plastic waste in a form a fish. “We eat what we do not recycle and sometimes not everything is 100% recyclable. In this situation, we only have to reuse, reinvent… We can create life Reducing Waste” […] More