“Layers” by SeaCreative by Cartagena, Spain

A captivating addition to the urban landscape of Cartagena, Spain, emerges in the form of “Layers,” a vibrant mural created by Fabrizio Sarti, known artistically as SeaCreative. This artistic intervention is part of the One Urban World 2024 festival’s mural painting section, hosted by @muchomasmayo and coordinated by @krasertres, with collaboration from the Graffiti and Street Art Service of @juventudct from @aytocartagenaes @urban.ct.

SeaCreative’s artistic journey began in the early 1990s, deeply rooted in the world of writing and fueled by an irrepressible passion for drawing. By the early 2000s, his relentless stylistic exploration organically gave rise to SeaCreative, a fusion of urban art, illustration, and graphic design. Over two decades of creative output, SeaCreative has collaborated with diverse brands, galleries, associations, municipal administrations, and private entities, leaving a significant imprint on the global art scene.

“Layers” in Cartagena stands as a testament to SeaCreative’s multifaceted artistic approach, inviting viewers to delve into its depths where urban aesthetics intertwine with illustrative storytelling. This mural not only enriches the visual tapestry of Cartagena but also serves as a vibrant dialogue between the artist’s evolving style and the rich cultural backdrop of the city. As SeaCreative continues to push the boundaries of urban art, “Layers” remains a striking example of how art can transcend boundaries and connect communities through its layers of creativity and expression.

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