“Tamarugo II” by INTI in Aalborg, Denmark

In the heart of Aalborg’s historic workers’ neighborhood, amidst the capricious dance of sun, rain, and Arctic winds, INTI has unveiled his latest masterpiece over twelve days of intense creation. Titled “TAMARUGO II”, this mural stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of the Atacama Desert’s native Tamarugo tree, a symbol of life and resilience for its local inhabitants.

The Tamarugo, known for its ability to thrive in one of the driest places on Earth, serves as INTI’s central motif. In his own words, the artist describes his intention to juxtapose the delicate beauty of spring with the unconventional allure of this hardy tree. The result is a composition that speaks volumes about survival, adaptation, and the intrinsic beauty found in places of extreme challenge.

Born Inti Castro in 1982 and artistically known simply as INTI (meaning ‘sun’ in Quechua), the Chilean artist has risen to international acclaim as a leading figure in Latin America’s street art scene. His journey began on the vibrant streets of Valparaiso, where he started tagging at the age of thirteen, drawn to the freedom and expression that street art offered.

While the streets provided his canvas, INTI honed his skills further through formal artistic education at the Fine Arts School of Viña del Mar. Here, he embraced the techniques of a professional painter while continuing to draw inspiration from his life experiences and street art roots.

INTI’s murals are characterized by their vibrant colors reminiscent of Latin American festivities and infused with the enigmatic energy of ancient South American cultures. His work weaves together themes of life, death, ancient spirituality, and Christian symbolism, often featuring mysterious characters that add layers of narrative depth.

Deeply inspired by pre-Columbian and Andean cultures, INTI’s art not only preserves but also redefines these cultural icons and symbols in a contemporary context. Each mural, bathed in warm orange hues that echo the sun’s embrace, invites viewers to explore a visual narrative that bridges ancient traditions with modern interpretations.

With “TAMARUGO II”, INTI invites the community of Aalborg and beyond to contemplate the resilience of nature and the human spirit through the lens of his vibrant, technically dazzling artistry. As an ambassador of Latin American street art to the world, INTI continues to captivate audiences with his profound reflections on life, culture, and the enduring power of artistic expression.

Photo credits: INTI,  Hans Joergen Fruensgaard

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