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    “Carnival Is Canceled” by Case Maclaim at Aalborg, Denmark

    “Carnival Is Canceled” by international renowned artist Case Maclaim was made in collaboration with Kirk Gallery as part of their “Out In The Open” Project last 2020. The mural portrays a woman in a clown costume and a partly completed clowns mask. She thought she was going to the carnival.As Case Maclaim put it, “A carnival is something special because it is an event where all are equal. It is the only time of the year where everybody gets to be the same – rich or poor, CEO or student, man or women, since everybody is dressed out to be something different”Aalborg was the first city Samira and me have traveled to after the first German shutdown. The cities famous and traditional carnival had been canceled and the travel ban was lifted the day prior to our arrival. We pretty much kept traveling while working ever since, for most parts by car. There is no one I’d rather be together 24/7. It’s Samira’s birthday today, so I feel extra grateful for her. To know her, means to love her! My forever most favorite, beautiful face to paintA German urban artist native to Frankfurt, Andres Von Chrzanowski (a.k.a. CASE or CASE Maclaim) is a graffiti painter who relies on his highly developed talent to create pieces that combine brilliant photorealism with a strong note of surrealism. This artist primarily uses spray paint as this street art technique enables him to get the most out of his visuals and achieve the level of perfection his incredibly life-like graffiti possess.One of Andres Von Chrzanowski’s most common pictorial motifs are the overlaying hands that symbolize unity and power. It should also be noted that CASE is a founding member of the renown East- Germany Maclaim Crew, a group that has been the urban expression’s photorealism pioneer for over two decades now. More

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    “Good Luck, Kid” by Joe Iurato in Aalborg, Denmark

    American muralist Joe Iurato is another artist to join KIRK Gallery’s “Out in the Open 2021” Festival roster. His mural is entitled “Good Luck, Kid” which features his stencils and aerosol illustrative aesthetic.“Because I work with stencils, creating a mural at this scale is well planned out ahead of time and calculated precisely. A lot of the work for it happens in my studio prior to arriving at the wall. After I’ve conceptualized and illustrated the artwork, I need to scale my composition up to actual size and create the templates. The stencils for the mural are cut from sheets of paper that form the individual sections of each layer. Then, when I’m on location, I reassemble them on the wall in tiles, like a puzzle or grid, and spray. This step is done repeatedly, typically 5 or 6 times per mural to give the piece depth and details.When I saw photos of the wall early on, the very first thing that grabbed me was the obvious metal vent that runs the height of it. I love to create site specific works and saw the feature as an opportunity to have my painting interact with its environment. So, rather than try to work around and compete with the pipe, I became very excited with the prospect of working with it. And that became the starting point for the story I wanted to tell” Joe Iurato stated.“A common recurring theme in my work are the wondrous, curious and mischievous adventures of childhood. Things get so serious and difficult as we get older, sometimes I need to step back and away from my present self and revisit a simpler time. Right now, it’s easy for me to achieve because I watch my own children and their friends as they are growing up. They are often the subjects and inspirations for the works. In this case, the kid climbing the building is my youngest son, Maddox. Overstuffed backpack full of essentials and a monocular fashioned of cardboard, he’s off to somewhere. Where? I’ve no idea” the artist said.Joe Iurato is a multidisciplinary artist whose works are built on a foundation of stencils and aerosol. Falling somewhere in between simplistic and photorealistic, his multi-layer stencils offer a distinctly clean and illustrative aesthetic. While Joe’s murals have adorned neighborhoods along the east coast United States for years, he’s also become noted for the unique placement and photography of miniature painted wood cutouts in public spaces.Utilizing the outdoor environment to create site-specific installations, he creates windows into a narrative formed by personal experiences. Each individual work of art highlights the potential for interaction and storytelling within public space and transforms common landscapes into carefully crafted scenes. Before leaving each installation behind, he documents it with a photograph. The photographs offer specific and intentional viewpoints of the artwork in relation to its surroundings, manipulating our perception of scale and dimensionality. More

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    “Ekkolokation” by Augustine Kofie in Aalborg, Denmark

    Street artist Augustine Kofie, in collaboration with KIRK Gallery, has created a new mural entitled “Ekkolokation” for Out In The Open 2021 Mural Festival. Kofie was first approached by KIRK Gallery to contribute to the festival over a year ago, but due to postponements because of Covid-19. The location for the mural is unique, with its confluence of paths, pedestrian walkways, one-way roads and a train line system all intersecting at the foot of the wall. In planning the mural, Kofie made sure to integrate the architecture of the building and the community as well. “Ekkolokation is an abstract composition that highlights 4 triangular shapes echoing each other near the top of the wall, all shadowing one another, lit up from different angles by varied light sources. They come together like the multiple paths that converge upon the site.  Structurally complimenting the angles of the home’s rooftop, the 4 triangles are supported by several transparent level squares, which in turn echo the bottom part of the building.”“Another point of convergence can be found at the foot of the mural, where the lines all seem to bounce downward toward a confluence, a meeting place. Two partial, transparent, circular forms weave through the mural. One acts as a halo around the center of the design, bringing a feminine form to contrast the linear forms, and creating another point of convergence here. The second, smaller circle echoes the larger one, but uses the lower right corner of the wall as its center point, the junction to all of the foot paths of the street” Augustine Kofie explained.“I designed the mural on the basis of these two concepts, echo and convergence, which have visual, sonic, structural and social articulations, allowing the mural to echo and speak to the city and to highlight and amplify this site of convergence” the artist stated.With a deep interest in process and structure, Augustine Kofie creates works of intense detail centering order and tension in both his studio pieces and mural interventions. The precision of Kofie’s “drafted” art is inspired by mechanical drafting and the language of modern architecture and uses the paper detritus of the 20th century as building blocks.In his quest for balance, Kofie harmonizes opposing and contradictory dynamics, setting futuristic compositions against vintage earth-toned palettes and creating technically complex, meticulously structured formations through handmade line-work and layering.  Active in the west Los Angeles graffiti scene since the mid-nineties, the artist’s work reflects the influence of the craft of deconstructing lettering, street culture, contemporary music, and 1960s-70s iconography to create a unique language. More

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    “Growing Wiser” by Telmo Miel in Aalborg, Denmark

    Dutch artistic duo Telmo Miel just finished their latest mural at the 7th edition of the “Out in the Open” festival. The mural entitled “Growing Wiser” is located at the school of Klostermarken in Aalborg, Denmark.“The painting depicts a girl, reading multiple books with as many hands as she needs to hold them. Some books have been read, and stacked on top; There wisdom is gathered, symbolized by the owl. Around the corner is another one behind the books she’s reading, as hidden new skills to obtain.”Telmo Miel is composed of Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann. They are famous for making impressive murals and paintings characterized by hyper-realistic as well as abstract elements.Their work is characterized by its uniqueness, formed by the two different styles of the artists. The work of Miel is rather romantic with picturesque features whereas the work of Telmo is humorous and provocative. Their work also shows a mix of techniques, combining spray paint and paint to create photorealistic, surreal and abstract compositions. Both artists work separately and come together with the sketches to analyse what combinations can be made. The result shows a great sense of technique and style with great attention to perspective and details.Telmo Miel, together with other artists making murals right now at “Out in the Open 2021”, will be opening a group show in collaboration with KIRK Gallery on Saturday. More

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    “PIONEER” by Innerfields in Aalborg, Denmark

    Boom! Out in the Open 2021 has just kicked off with the 7th season of new beautiful murals, where Innerfields have just finished the first mural entitled “Pioneer” to come in the summer of 2021.Launched in 2014 the project aims to bring the art out of the gallery and into the streets, adding beautiful art to the every-day-lives of all citizens and not just to the few visiting the gallery. To break away from a museum setting and have street art of the highest caliber more accessible to the public.“Our world is an endless cosmos of miracles, not least to the children living in it.On their own and free from prejudice, children explore the universe with lots of curiosity and passion. Conquering the world from a playful point of view shapes new imageries every day.In the last year, children have been confronted with much worry and anxiety due to a year where the pandemic has been the general rule for our everyday lives and how we were meant to behave, not least affecting the circumstances of how to be a child.Due to these circumstances, it has been important for us to create an imagery to give children the courage to keep on looking at the world in a playful frame of mind, far from anxiety and fear and keep on creating their own imagery. To maintain their own interpretation of the mysterious world we live in to create a brighter future.”Born and raised in Berlin, Innerfields (Holger Weissflog & Jakob Bardou) have been influenced by the urban currents in the city from a very young age. They started working together in 1998, and since then, they have been making murals all over the world, among other at numerous street art festivals, besides working on canvas in the studio.They are known for their figurative and realistic imagery where topics such as the environment, society and the relationship between man and nature are often the main theme.During the summer, another 5 artists will arrive to add new murals to ‘Out in the Open 2021’. The artists will be Lonac, Augustine, Kofie, Telmo Mie, Joe Iurato, Akut More

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    “TAIÑ MAPU” by INTI in Aalborg, Denmark

    Chilean visual artist INTI had recently worked intensely on a new mural in Aalborg, Denmark as part of the 6th edition of the mural project ‘Out in the Open’ by KIRK Gallery. The mural entitled “TAIÑ MAPU / Our Land” is about the relationship between Denmark and Chile and how both countries are very focused at environmental issues and how the preserve nature and original cultures.

    “While beginning this mural in Denmark (a country known for its environmental policies), the Mapuche people in Chile continue their historic fight for their land. The mural in Aalborg explores the common ground existing between two distant cultures. Where there mainly seem to be differences, both countries maintain a relationship of respect and harmony with the land we inhabit living in us.
    Today more than ever we have to learn from those who have managed to live in balance with our ecosystem. How to keep a close connection to nature and treat it with care like a mother holding it in her arms” INTI said.

    “I’ve been working with warm colors and spiritual symbols since this is a part of our story in Chile. In general, I like to challenge the spiritual – not religiously but as a reference to our culture and then mix it all together.”

    Inti Castro, artistically known as INTI (meaning sun in Quechua), is one of Latin America’s foremost street artists and an artistic ambassador to the world. Coming from a family dedicated to the arts and music, he started tagging the streets of his hometown Valparaiso at the age of 13. Working on the street gave him a freedom to explore from the earliest days of his artistic practice. Yet whilst the wall was his natural medium, he also went through formal artistic studies at the Fine Arts School of Viña del Mar. There he acquired the rigor and training of a professional painter. Life experiences and his street practice rounded off his formation.
    Check out below for more photos of “TAIÑ MAPU”.

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